Keyboard Maestro Macro: Write a Nice Looking Movie Review in Day One

About 2 months ago, I made a Shortcut to write movie reviews (see the related link at the end of this post, but it’s in Chinese). With the Shortcut, a nice looking movie review can be generated in Day One on iOS.

But in the past two months, I worked with my Mac more often, so I wondered if there was a way to make a counterpart for macOS. Fortunately, the newest version (9.0) of Keyboard Maestro has a good support for JSON. Thanks to this new feature, at the end of the day, I was able to implement the same function with a KM macro.

This macro is designed for Day One (4.0). The download link is below. But before run the macro, please configure it with the instruction in the next section.

Download: Movie Review Macro (Day One)


Install Keyboard Maestro 9.0 first.

To configure it, you need:

  1. An OMDb API key. You can get a free one from Before run this macro, make sure that you input the correct API key to the related field of the action which is labeled in orange.
  2. Day One Command Line Interface (CLI). (An official guide is here)

And a movie poster will be saved in ~/Pictures/. You can change the path in the last two actions, which is labeled in green. If you decide to change, you have to change them both.

In the final action, you can also change the layout, specify a journal, and add tags for the entry.


If everything works fine, your movie review will be like this:


Related Info

A counterpart on iOS with Shortcuts (in Chinese):观影日记

If you have any idea to improve this macro, welcome to share.